Spring is in the air! Actually, as warm as it’s been in St. Louis, Missouri, you’d swear summer had made an early appearance. This is the perfect time to schedule a spring cleaning with Better Life Maids. We do those things you don’t want or have time to do… Read More

Protecting your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

At Better Life Maids, we’re the green cleaning experts who are intent on keeping your home’s surfaces clean from dust and debris in a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way. Our products not only clean your surfaces, they don’t contaminate the air quality of your home with heavy chemical odors… Read More


The kitchen is the room in the house that probably gets the most wear and tear, grease and grime, more than any other room in the house. Kitchen cleaning occurs nearly daily, but their are still some heavier tasks that we only tackle on a seasonal, or perhaps even yearly… Read More

Better Life Launches New Site Featuring Natural Household Cleaning Products

It has been an exciting week here at Better Life Maids, but not just for us. Our co-branded retail partner Better Life launched their new consumer friendly website this week, making all of their natural household cleaning products, easier… Read More

Do You Know Your Home’s Radon Risk: Green House Cleaning Tips From Better Life Maids

Radon Gas is a little off the normal green house cleaning tips we provide, but we have been house hunting lately, it appears that this is an important topic to consider when choosing a home, and it is important to know the risks of Radon gas and what you can… Read More

Choosing to Make a Difference

When I was building Better Life Maids I knew that our business had to have a conscious, a set of guiding principles that would help make sure that we stayed on the right path, especially putting people before profits. That is part of how we developed the CORE Values… Read More

Do You Need To Clean Your House Before Your Green House Cleaning From Better Life Maids

Do You Really Need to Clean Before Better Life Maids Comes To Your Door? You’ve probably heard the one about the woman who hires a housecleaner – and then spends the entire night before the housecleaner comes so the person doesn’t see how dirty her house is. It’s a… Read More

Declutter your Home, Expand your Life (Part 2)

Once you’ve identified, sorted and emotionally let go, you have choices as to how to take care of your clutter. You have six options: • Repurpose • Recycle • Rearrange • Sell • Donate • Trash Repurpose. Too many coffee cups? Repurpose your favorites by… Read More

Declutter your Home, Expand your Life (Part 1)

We all have Stuff. All those things we simply can’t part with – family mementos, old photos, trinkets from vacations that remind us of happy times. When you have too much stuff, however, it ceases to be just stuff. It then becomes clutter. Unlike having a little bit of stuff,… Read More


I like the term Momtrepreneur. It is an obvious mash up of Mom and Entrepreneur. I definitely like the fact that Mom comes first in the mash up, because for me, being a mom has always comes first. My first child Nadia was only a year and a half… Read More