Our Processes, Your Preferences

Better Life Maids has a proven process for cleaning your home and creating consistently delightful results.

Processes For a Healthier and Safer Home

It may seem like cleaning is pretty straight forward and everyone would do it basically the same way. But that is far from the truth. Better Life Maids has a proven process for how we clean, and how we deliver consistently delightful cleaning on every visit.

Only fresh cleaning tools enter your home

Many companies will use the same tools all day. So the toilet brush from one home travels from house to house and is used over and over. This didn’t make a lot of sense to us, especially if one of the main jobs of cleaning is to reduce germs.

Only fresh mops and cleaning cloths are used in your home

Only fresh laundered supplies enter your home. We never use supplies from one house to the next. And we remove mops after cleaning kitchens and bathrooms to avoid cross-contamination in your home. This is very unique in the home cleaning industry.

Hepa Filtration Vacuums For Healthier Air Quality

Our vacuums trap more particles in the filters so you aren’t breathing them. We use Hepa filtration vacuums, and vacuums are emptied and sanitized between homes. We also clean and sanitize tools like mop poles and frames.

Safe & Effective Cleaning Solutions

Woman Inspecting Germ-X And Cleaning Products

Most cleaning chemicals are full of harmful chemicals that remain in your home long after the cleaning. We use a combination of all-natural cleaning products from Better Life, as well as cleaning solutions we produce such as Hypochlorous Acid for disinfection. That sounds like scary stuff, but it’s the same chemical our bodies produce to fight off infection. Our products are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Industry Leading Training

Better Life Maids Protective Measures Against Coronavirus

Better Life Maids is an author of the industry-leading training program for house cleaning professionals and we have our own in-house training course as well. Cleaning requires skills such as customer service, technical knowledge about surfaces and chemicals, safety training, and much more. You want the people taking care of your home trained to the highest standards.

Standardized Cleaning Processes

Better Life Maids Cleaning Checklist

We have a standard set of items that are included and cleaned on every visit. We follow the same patterns when we clean on each visit. We start at the top of a home and work top to bottom. We start at the left of a room and work left to right and then clean items in the middle. By doing the same things on every visit we create consistency. And consistency leads to quality. You can always upgrade your cleaning, and in the section below you can see how we customize your cleaning to your home. But creating consistently delightful experiences starts and ends with our checklist.

Your cleaning preferences delivered on every visit

While we have a standard process for how we clean, the cleaning solutions and supplies we use, and even the patterns of how we clean a room, we understand that each home we serve is unique. We call this site-specific scope of work. We use our technology and systems to deliver you a custom cleaning experience on every visit.

Detailed Work Order Notes specific to your home

We have the ability to capture your preferences on how to access your home, where your trash goes, pet special instructions, any special equipment such as shoe covers required in your home, and more. This level of detail is separated into unique blocks so our techs never miss an important note.

Room Logs with notes and pictures at the room level

When we are setting up your home we begin to create a room log. We continue to update it on each visit with notes and even pictures. We can add unique details to that room, or even a picture that we uploaded if there are special instructions that a picture would make more clear. This level of detail ensures that we are able to create consistently delightful experiences.

Your feedback shapes future cleaning visits

After each cleaning visit, you will receive a scorecard. Your feedback is available on your job notes so that each visit will be just a little bit better than the last. Or if something was missed, we can make sure to take care of it next time.

We track your time and team preferences

We also track your technician preferences and visit time preferences. While we can’t promise to always give you the same time or tech, our system warns us if we are not meeting a preferred time or tech and we will try to adjust things as possible. Techs have days off, and other clients cancel last minute, so we can’t always make these happen, but by tracking them and putting them in front of our schedulers we are able to provide a much more consistent level of service.

Consistently Delightful Cleaning

Hopefully, you can see that we take cleaning seriously. We have a proven process that makes having your home cleaned a streamlined process. You know what to expect, and we meet those expectations.

You have many choices when picking a house cleaning service, and we want to deliver you the very best experience. We stand behind that with our 100% Delight Guarantee.