Mother’s Day (Grandmother’s too): Inheriting The Clean Gene

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share with you the story of how I truly grew to love cleaning. It really is a story about mother’s, but specifically, my grand mother.

In the past I have covered various topics from cleaning floors to booking that long awaited appointment from Better Life Maids. But the question I receive most is why in the world did you start a cleaning company? I mean toilets etc…someone else’s dirty and not your own? Sure why not I reply…I really love to clean. Now if you catch me any regular day you will discover that my house is quite normal. I’m sure your thinking a few things out of place right? Wrong it sometimes looks turned upside down with all the shoes, book bags, and belongings or as I usually say a blender pushed on high without a lid! I find it very difficult to actually live in a space without shaking it up a bit! But when I need motivation to get it all back in order, I know just who to call to put me to work.

It all began when I was little my grandmother encouraged me to pick it up, clean it up…oh there is one more crumb too. My grandmother just celebrated her 90th birthday. She lives independently in a two story house without maid service. I say this because as much as I have tried to send a team to just help out a bit she continues to tell me that cleaning her home has kept her there. And I’m being quite serious when I tell you that you could literally eat off her floors they are that clean. She hand washes them weekly.

Now I’m not encouraging people to dump their maid service or hired help. My grandmother had the cleaning gene which she passed down eventually to me. It’s the actual love of cleaning that our company is built upon. Just yesterday she came over for lunch. Before she arrives I am scrambling mopping my floors and straightening up. As she enters the house and sits at the table she comments how great my house looks that I’m really keeping up with it. It is a widely known fact that most house cleaning gets done in the fifteen minutes before my Grandmother arrives. So thanks Grandma for helping whip my house into shape this week, and all the cleaning lessons you have taught me over the years. Without you I would not have founded Better Life Maids and would not have the opportunity to help some many others whip their houses into shape right before guests arrive.

And of course she passed many of these same lessons on to my own mother, and I am passing them on to my own children. So as we celebrate all the special mom’s in our lives, let’s celebrate all the fantastic lessons they have shared with us. And remember how they have shaped us into who we are today.

Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts

Angela Ricketts

Co-Founder & Vice President of Client Experience
Better Life Maids
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Angela Ricketts of St. Louis, is one the co-founders of Better Life Maids, and currently serves as Vice President of Client Experience. Angela shares her passion for the business, and how her desire to be a great wife, mother, and own her own business became possible when she formed BETTER LIFE MAIDS. To find out more about Better Life Maids and get a free instant quote, click on the button below.

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