Better Life Maids has been a leader in the home cleaning industry and has developed a cleaning process and system that we believe will help keep our clients safe and healthy, and there spaces free from the Covid-19 virus.

Is it safe to have Better Life Maids in my home?

In a word. Yes. Compared to any other job, our professional cleaning technicians have minimal social interaction with the public, and we have implemented strict social distancing policies that limit there contact with one another and the public at large. Our staff will treat all the solid surfaces of your home with a virucide and sanitizer. As the Covid-19 is actually pretty easy to kill, this should suffice. But as an extra precaution, we will also use an EPA certified disinfectant that is certified to kill 99.9999% of all pathogens, including emerging pathogens like the Covid-19 coronavirus. Our processes will make your home safer, and reduce the risk of exposure from pathogens that may have been introduced to your home from outside sources such as social interactions, deliveries, and more.

What additional safety measures have you taken?

We think one of the most important safety measures we have in place is our flexible attendance policy, sick pay, and Paid Time Off. If an employee is not well or someone in their care is not well, they know we cannot have them at work, regardless of how minor the symptoms might be. Their job is secure, and they will be paid from the time they have earned and accrued.

We are asking the same of all of our clients. If they are not well in any way we are asking that they let us know and not have us visit. We are not cleaning any spaces that have had suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, but in addition, are limiting our ability to serve anyone who has been ill in the past 14 days. We have eliminated any cancellation policies at this time.

We are also asking clients that have travelled out of the country recently to let us know and we will wait at least 14 days till we can service their homes. We are asking this of all new customers as well.

We have implemented strict social distancing policies, and most of our staff are now working remotely as a solo cleaner, again reducing their interaction with one another and the public at large.

We have secured a large supply of personal protective equipment for our staff including hand sanitizers, gloves, and shoe covers. If the Covid-19 becomes more widespread in the next several weeks, they will be issued surgical masks and eye-protection as well. We feel these steps are not warranted today, but we are ready to deploy them if necessary. If it would make you feel better for us to be using a mask in your home, we can add that to your cleaning protocol.

What about your tools and equipment?

Only clean tools that have been disinfected are used in your home. We send our teams with a clean and disinfected set of tools for each house. We sanitize the vacuum between homes as well.

Cleaning cloths and mops are where we are very different from other cleaning companies. We have always believed that only clean cloths and mops should enter a client’s home. Other cleaning companies may only issue their cleaning techs a few cloths for the whole day. At Better Life Maids when a cloth is used it is immediately taken out of service, this is especially true for high-risk surfaces such as bathrooms. Our flat mops are soaked in a cleaning solution. They are used and then removed from service for the day, especially after being used in high-risk areas such as bathrooms. When you compare that to a traditional mop system, you can see that we have always emphasized safety and efficacy in our cleaning process.

Are you cleaning spaces with confirmed Covid-19 cases?

No. We will not serve any homes or spaces with confirmed Covid-19 cases at this time. Current guidance is that it is safe to do so 14 days after the last symptoms have passed, but in an abundance of caution, we are not taking any jobs of that nature at this time. If that changes, the techs who perform those cleaning jobs will not continue to perform maintenance cleanings for regularly scheduled properties, but again at this time, we do not plan to take any work of that nature.

Do the products you use to kill the Covid-19 coronavirus?

As a final step in our cleaning process, we have added a disinfecting step. We are using the Brulin 6S Brutabs which are certified to kill emerging pathogens like the Covid-19 coronavirus. In addition, the products we use to clean all surfaces in your home are an EPA certified virucide and sanitizer. In normal times, we believe that would be enough. But in an abundance of caution, we have added the disinfectant to make sure that 99.9999% of all pathogens are killed and removed.

Why is cleaning important right now?

When a surface is soiled or dirty, it provides a perfect breeding ground for pathogens to adhere to and thrive. A thoroughly cleaned surface makes it much harder for a pathogen like the Covid-19 to adhere to. Right now we know that it likes metals, plastics, and solid non-porous surfaces best. It does not adhere well to vertical surfaces but settles and remains on horizontal surfaces for up to 3 days depending on the type of surface. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly is an important deterrent to the incidental spread of Covid-19.

In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings, we are also now offering a low-cost disinfection option that you can utilize between full cleaning visits. We have this priced as low as $35 per visit, so you could have us disinfect your home as frequently as possible.