That’s My Mom!

File May 10, 12 39 29 PM

I wanted to share with you a story that really helped remind me of why it is so special to be a mom.

This year I have been blessed to receive many different services that my son needs. A day that I was usually home is now a cushion seat placed in a waiting room as I bide my time for my son to come out with an ear to ear glow of accomplishment.

I am the proud mother of three and this is my first experience dealing with numerous doctors, therapists, and teachers just to name a few. And they are amazing human beings with super powers of positivity and encouragement, not only for my son but for me as well. And some days I need that even more!

Sitting in the waiting room you see all different types of kiddos with different needs pass in and out all day. You sit and wonder what there life might be, their journey and how they ended up here. I was sitting in the waiting room today when a child yelled out “That’s my mom”. A mother in the waiting room responded back to her child. The mother and I had been in conversation earlier and she turned to me as if I heard her child speak. She responded he wasn’t able to do that too long ago and said she could just cry. My eyes welled up with tears because I understood. Some things don’t come easy and true accomplishments are sometimes in the simplest things and words that we take for granted.

If you are a mother I understand the heart and the fight we will put up for our kids. “That’s my mom” is something we may have told a friend in passing but the truth is we are their heart and they are ours.

This Mothers Day lets recognize the women in our life that have been there fighting by our side to become the best version of us. Celebrate them and yourself for their incredible accomplishments and the strong role models they have been! Way to go moms!

P.S. You can still get mom the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. We don’t have any last minute cleaning spots left, but you can bring her a gift card and show her how much you appreciate all she has done for you.