Green House Cleaning Team Member of The Month: Heather Horst

Heather Horst is a big reason we have been able to add service in St. Charles county. She has served as a Better Life Maids team member for over 2 years. Always one of our highest rated team supervisors, she was promoted to a Client Experience Manager in our… Read More


Often it is the small or unexpected things that make our day great. Things as simple as a thank you note, a smile, or a compliment can make an ordinary experience extraordinary. How we do the… Read More

Business Should Always Be Personal

“It’s not personal. It’s just business.” No phrase has been so abused by people doing business (except perhaps synergy). When in fact nothing could be farther from the truth. Business should always be personal. Business is about people. You sell your goods and services to real people, your co-workers,… Read More

10 Things We Look For When Hiring New Team Members

You always here the saying that “good help is hard to find”. And to some degree it is true. We literally screen nearly 100 applicants for each new Better Life Maid that we hire. We actually use our CORE values to look for great traits when hiring… Read More

6 Reasons to Trust Better Life Maids For Your Home Cleaning Needs

Trust. It’s fundamental in personal and business relationships. Without it, relationships can’t grow or will fail. Trust is the bedrock, the gut instinct, the driving force. We’ve built our business at Better Life Maids based on this very important foundation. Trust is paramount in the home… Read More


We recently introduced an online scheduling portal for our clients. This service allows our potential clients to access our calendar to view availability, see simplified pricing, and book an online cleaning without ever leaving their web browser. This new system allow our clients to book a cleaning… Read More

Chevy Volt Is Added To Better Life Maids Green Cleaning Fleet

Better Life Maids St. Louis clients are beginning to see the Better Life Maids Chevy Volt arrive at their homes. Better Life Maids has purchased its first of two Chevy Volt electrified vehicles for 2012. With plans to add three more to its St. Louis green… Read More


For tough cleaning jobs like the interior of the oven, common wisdom is that you need a caustic chemical to get the job done. Instead of getting out the heavy duty rubber gloves and a respirator, try this natural oven cleaning tip. 1. Spray interior of oven with Better… Read More

5 All-Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh: Green House Cleaning Tips

Sniff. Sniff sniff What’s that smell? Odors in the home can drive you nuts, especially if you can’t quite determine the location of the offending smell. Well, if you can’t find it, you can cover it up. Or neutralize it. Of course Better Life has a… Read More

Pregnancy Safety: 5 House Cleaning Products to Avoid and What to Replace Them With

The “nesting” phase of pregnancy happens to every mom. That mad rush to get everything cleaned and organized can be taken to a new level by paying special attention to ensuring that during this process neither mom nor baby are affected by fumes, direct toxins, or residue that is… Read More