Robin Sharma is a world renowned author and speaker who helps build leadership talent and inspires action.   Better Life Maids is a company not just dedicated to hiring and training employees, but building great leaders. One of the philosophies we have adopted is the Lead Without a… Read More

2013 St. Louis Earth Day Festival

I hope you can join us this Sunday for the 2013 St. Louis Earth Day Festival. It will be at the Muny Pavilion at Forest Park. There will be hundreds of green vendors on display, great food, and great music, and it’s a free and family-friendly event. The weather looks… Read More

You Only Get One Today

We do a lot of coaching and team building at Better Life Maids. We talk about ways to operate at peak performance and generate our best work. I wanted to share a message that I wrote today for our teams. I hope it provides you some measure of inspiration that… Read More

10 Things We Look For When Hiring New Team Members

  You always here the saying that “good help is hard to find”. And to some degree it is true. We literally screen nearly 100 applicants for each new Better Life Maid that we hire. We actually use our CORE values to look for great traits… Read More

Filling The Gaps To Prevent Energy Leakage

With energy bills soaring and incomes shrinking, saving money on your home’s heating and cooling bills takes on new importance. Not only does sealing cracks, crevices and gaps around your home save money, it helps make the indoor environment more pleasant and comfortable. Even if… Read More


  Cleaning silver without harsh chemicals is the focus of this article. We all know that silver is a beautiful metal. Being the only true white metal on the planet, it gives pieces that are constructed from it a hue and shine unsurpassed. But silver has a dirty… Read More

Creating Fun Is One of Better Life Maids Core Values: Music That Inspires Fun

Creating fun is one of Better Life Maids CORE Values, and one we really try to achieve every day. One of the key things we do each day is to make sure great music is playing to help inspire us and our staff. Music is an amazing… Read More


Tuesday January 22nd I will be speaking on the topic of Social Media Strategy for ARCSI the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International. Small Business Social Media Strategy is a pretty hot topic right now, and many small businesses are struggling to find the time, and return… Read More

6 Reasons to Trust Better Life Maids For Your Home Cleaning Needs

Trust. It’s fundamental in personal and business relationships. Without it, relationships can’t grow or will fail. Trust is the bedrock, the gut instinct, the driving force. We’ve built our business at Better Life Maids based on this very important foundation. Trust is paramount in the home cleaning… Read More