Seven Easy Tips to Keep Your Floors Spotless

Every thorough cleaning ends with the floors. Spotless floors give your home a polished feel, as well as keep allergies, asthma, and germs under control.  Still, maintaining your floors can take a lot of time and effort, so hiring a house cleaning service in Maplewood is a good idea. Read More

Kitchen Hot Spots You Should Disinfect 

The kitchen is the most used space in every home. Someone is eating or making a meal every few hours. If you don’t regularly clean and disinfect your kitchen, it will quickly become germ-laden.  If you are in Maplewood, to be on the safe side, you can hire a… Read More

Best Ways to Deep Clean Your Bathroom 

Are you aware of all the microorganisms your bathroom floor hosts? From stomach viruses to fungi that may cause infections or trigger asthma and allergies, there are many dangerous microbes that can be found in your bathroom if it’s not cleaned properly. Deep cleaning your bathroom isn’t everybody’s idea… Read More

Best Tips for the Safe Use of Cleaning Products

Keeping your home fresh and presentable is more than simply vacuuming, wiping, and dusting. Many household hygiene products can be harmful if not applied properly. You should know how to use them safely and protect yourself.  If you live in Clayton, you can hire house cleaning services and not… Read More

Cleaning Products as Hazardous Waste

When you clean your home, you use different products. You may not think of them as harmful, but they often contain hazardous chemicals that must be used and disposed of properly.  Perhaps, the safest way to maintain your home is to hire house cleaning services in Clayton. However, you should… Read More

Best Tips and Tricks for Storing Cleaning Products

Getting down to cleaning is difficult enough as it is. But, it gets even harder if you have to dig through a bunch of tools and products for ages before you find your mop, broom, or duster. If you organize and store your cleaning supplies for easy access, it… Read More

Best Cleaning Products For Home Maintenance

Enthusiasm might be the most important thing when it comes to cleaning. Yet, you need tools for the trade. Carefully chosen and quality cleaning products will make your life much easier.  You can always hire a maid service in Clayton and not think about cleaning at all. But, if you… Read More

Your Guide to Green Cleaning

Are you looking for ways to make your home more eco-friendly? One great way to do that is to switch to green cleaning methods. This is not only better for the environment, but it can also be better for your health. The idea of eco-friendly upkeep has been spreading… Read More

Top 3 Cleaning Myths and Facts

Cleaning is something that almost all of us have to do on a regular basis. Whether it’s washing dishes, mopping floors, or scrubbing the bathroom, there are lots of common myths and misconceptions about how to do it effectively.  Using the wrong products can damage your furniture and your… Read More

5 Common Housekeeping Mistakes

Most people would agree that home upkeep is a pretty straightforward task. And though it seems there’s little that could go wrong with dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing, the opposite is quite common. So what can you do if you’ve got all the right tools, yet you’re somehow making your house… Read More