Deep Cleaning vs Maintenance Cleaning

Better Life Maids House Cleaning Options

Better Life Maids offers two primary cleaning options: Deep Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning.

Better Life Maids Deep Cleaning

A Better Life Maids deep clean is like a spa treatment for your home. A deep clean includes all of the items on a maintenance cleaning, with a focus on heavy cleaning in the kitchens removing built-up grease, build-up of soil and soap in bathrooms, and wet wiping baseboards, cabinets, and woodwork throughout your home.

We recommend always starting service with a deep clean visit, and many homes could benefit from a deep cleaning once a year, even with scheduled maintenance cleaning. Busy households with a pets, people, and a lot of traffic will always require a little more TLC.

Over time dust becomes dirt and becomes embedded on surfaces. A deep clean helps get your home back to a base level of cleaning that we can maintain over time.

Frequency & Deep Clean Pricing

You might have noticed that we have different pricing for our deep cleans if you select weekly, every two weeks, or even monthly service over a single deep cleaning. That is not a discount. We are just offering to spread out the cost of the deep cleaning to customers who have more frequent service.

This helps keep starting service a little more affordable. If you need your home cleaned top to bottom, and you need it done on one visit, you need to schedule a single deep cleaning.

Elements of Deep Cleaning with Better Life Maids

We allocate quite a bit more time for a deep clean vs a maintenance cleaning. Here are the 3 largest areas of focus on that visit.

Eliminating Soap Scum

With Better Life Maids, areas with soap scum buildup, like showers and sinks, are tackled with professional cleaning agents and techniques. This takes quite a bit of additional time and effort on a first visit, and if we just do a maintenance cleaning, we will not have time allocated to the heavy cleaning required to remove any buildup in your home’s bathrooms. 

Eradicating Kitchen Grease

The heart of your home, the kitchen, can accumulate grease over time. Better Life Maids ensures that we remove grease from all surfaces during the deep cleaning process. You can also select the interior of appliances as an add-on service. 

Wet Washing Surfaces

Better Life Maids pays special attention to all baseboards, window sills, and cabinet fronts, employing wet washing to ensure dust, grime, and potential allergens are eliminated. This is a very time-consuming process and adds quite a bit of time to your deep cleaning visit.

It makes a huge difference over just a maintenance cleaning that would focus on dusting and spot-cleaning woodwork vs wet washing wood surfaces.

Better Life Maids Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is the routine cleaning we do regularly to keep our homes clean, healthy, and safe.

Having your home cleaned with regular maintenance cleaning visits will help improve your quality of life, but it will also help maintain the value of your home and improve indoor air quality.

Routine maintenance cleaning by Better Life Maids includes tasks like dusting and vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and tidying up around the house, making your home always guest-ready. You can find the full list of What’s Included, and you will receive a cleaning checklist on every cleaning visit.

Maintenance Cleaning Frequency

Routine maintenance cleaning is scheduled on a weekly, every two week, or every four basis.

Duration of Cleaning

Deep cleaning has about twice the time allocated as maintenance cleaning. So if your home will be scheduled for 3 hours for a maintenance visit, your deep clean would have 6 hours.

Deep cleaning takes more time due to the detailed cleaning of every corner of the home, a task Better Life Maids excels. Much more time is spent hand washing woodwork, trim, and cabinets throughout the home. And we will spend a great deal more time cleaning Kitchens and Bathrooms removing grease, dirt, and soapscum.

If you opt not to start with a deep clean, just know that we will not have the time to catch these items up. Your home will be much cleaner than it started, but it could be a long time before we are able to catch these items up during normal maintenance cleaning visits.

Why Regular Maintenance Cleaning with Better Life Maids?

Advantages of Maintenance Cleaning

Regular maintenance cleaning has its advantages, and with Better Life Maids, you can enjoy these benefits without the hassle of having to do it yourself.

Plus Better Life Maids has a comprehensive guarantee and had been named the Best House Cleaning Service in St. Louis by Alive Magazine readers. 

Maintaining Your Home

Better Life Maids helps maintain the cleanliness of your home, keeping it tidy and welcoming. Maintenance cleaning really helps prevent dust from becoming dirt. Whenever you let things build up, it takes a lot more work to get them back to a maintenance level, and sometimes you can’t. Those cute little dust bunnies eventually find a surface to latch onto and become stubborn dirt. The longer it sits on a surface the harder it is to get rid of. 

Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of dust and grime, making the deep cleaning visits less frequent, and certainly less arduous. 

In conclusion, deep cleaning provides a thorough cleaning that reaches areas often overlooked in maintenance cleaning. However, regular maintenance cleaning keeps our homes neat and guest-ready every day. Understanding these two types of cleaning can help manage home cleanliness more effectively and efficiently, especially when you have the professional help of a service like Better Life Maids.