Best Tips for the Safe Use of Cleaning Products

Keeping your home fresh and presentable is more than simply vacuuming, wiping, and dusting. Many household hygiene products can be harmful if not applied properly. You should know how to use them safely and protect yourself. 

If you live in Clayton, you can hire house cleaning services and not worry about the possible hazards. However, if you need to take care of your home yourself, it’s useful to know what precautions you should take. 

How can I use cleaning products safely?

The same chemicals that make hygiene products effective can also potentially do harm to you and your family. You should pay attention when using them. 

Mind the labels and pictograms 

Labels and pictograms specify which chemicals a product contains, whether or not it is hazardous, and which measures you need to take. Avoid using products with damaged or illegible labels. 

Keep products in their original containers and don’t mix them

Always keep your products in their original containers and never mix them, even if they contain the same chemicals. Failing to do this can result in serious injuries and even death. 

Store products properly 

When you are not using them, household cleaners should be adequately stored in a safe, dry, and well-ventilated place. Regularly check the expiration dates of your supplies and safely dispose of expired hazardous products. 

Use homemade solutions

Combinations of common ingredients found in every household, such as baking soda, vinegar, or lemon, can make safe and environmentally-friendly maintenance products. 

Keep it simple 

A microfiber cloth, plain soap, and water are sometimes just as efficient as chemical agents, but completely safe. 

How do you protect yourself from cleaning products?

Even if you follow all the instructions and take every precaution, you still need some protection, just in case. Here are some things you can do when using potentially hazardous products. 

Wear personal protective equipment 

Before you start any work, you should have your protective equipment on:

  • The first thing to protect are your eyes. Therefore, you should have some eyewear on when using household products such as bleach, for example. 
  • Another item that you must have in your cupboard should be a pair of gloves to protect your hands from corrosive and irritating substances.  

Dilute chemicals correctly  

Strictly follow the mixing and measuring instructions on the label. Never use too much chemical concentrate when you dilute the product. If you do it manually, always add water first, and the chemical next to prevent the chemical from splashing at you. 

Keep your home ventilated when you use chemicals 

Make sure you open your windows wherever possible while you are using cleaning products. You must be extra careful if you are using any kind of spray in the bathroom, or any other confined space. 

Act promptly in the case of an accident 

In case of any spills, accidents, or safety problems react immediately! You must always have spill kits at hand. Follow the directions on the safety data sheet to remove spills. 

Where in Clayton can I find quality house cleaning services?

How do you protect yourself from cleaning products

Trying to regularly maintain your home, while at the same time worrying about staying safe and protecting yourself and your family from potentially hazardous hygiene products can be overwhelming. You can make your life easier by hiring professionals. Better Life Maids will provide you with comprehensive assistance while using only green and non-toxic solutions to keep your home a safe environment. 

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