You Only Get One Today

We do a lot of coaching and team building at Better Life Maids. We talk about ways to operate at peak performance and generate our best work. I wanted to share a message that I wrote today for our teams. I hope it provides you some measure of inspiration that you can carry into your life and work today.

Better Life Maids Co-Founder Matthew Ricketts & Better Life Maids

This day is special. It is the only day of its kind in your entire life.

I have to our teams before that each day is your life in miniature. That is what today is. Today is your life. Don’t waste it being negative, focus on what is truly great in life. Have FUN! Create great and lasting relationships with your friends, family, and team members. Don’t waste a minute of it.
Time is the scarcest resource in the world. You can’t buy more of it at the end of your days, so make each day count. One thing I try to say to myself is, will I be proud of what I have accomplished today. When I think like this, it changes me. It helps shape me to do the work that really matters.
That takes me one of Better Life Maids CORE VALUES “Make every day better than the last, always striving to learn and grow.” Even if you weren’t perfect today, or it wasn’t your best 10 minutes or hour, etc… Get over it. You have the rest of the day to be great, to make great, to feel great. Keep working on, keep growing, and as my wife and business partner Angela always reminds me, “Have a great day!”
Matthew Ricketts
President & Chief Experience Officer
Better Life Maids