Vocus Demand Success Conference: Social Media And Its Expanding Role

I just returned from Vocus Demand Success conference in Washington, DC. One word to describe the experience “Transformational”. I learned so much and met so many brilliant people. Once you attend an event like this, you can’t help but come back inspired to take your work and life to the next level.

It was a huge honor to have been asked to speak at the event, considering keynote speakers included Arianna Huffington of her namesake brand the Huffington Post, “Peggy ” of the AMC drama Madmen aka actress Elizabeth Moss, and Rohit Bhargava whose recent book “Likeonomics” is a fantastic and insightful read. In fact their were so many great speakers at the event that I was not able to see them all. I am very hopeful that Vocus will create a video series from the event to review and take in all of the great resources that were presented.

I was part of a panel speaking on social media’s expanding role and how it has shaped our marketing efforts. Tammy Lucich of Mellow Mushroom was my co-presenter and Natalia Dykyj of Vocus’s product development team moderated the panel. We tried to present real-world case studies of what has worked for us.

Here is a slideshare from my portion of the presentation.


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Matthew Ricketts
President & Chief Experience Officer
Better Life Maids