Celebrating 5 Great Years: And 5 Great Green House Cleaning Team Members

This week we celebrated. It was truly a great year at Better Life Maids. This was our fifth full year in business and we were able to serve even more house cleaning clients than ever. We reached 400 recurring maid service clients, grew from 15 full time to 30 full time employees, and grew from 4 cleaning to 8. These are just the stats for our St. Louis office. We also opened a St. Charles offices this fall and opened offices in Portland, OR and Birmingham, AL. These were just a few key stats that we measured 2013 by.

The most important way in which we measure our success over the past 5 years, is by the quality of our team members. 5 of our great green house cleaning team members reached milestones with us this year and we want to share them with you.

Katie Cook reached 2 years of service with Better Life Maids in March of this year. Perhaps you have talked to her on the phone when you first booked your cleaning service. While she was first hired as a cleaning team member, she has since grown to our St. Louis Client Experience Manager. One of the traits we admire most in Katie is her ability to adapt and take on new challenges.

Business should always be personal. Our staff having fun at Earth Day St. Louis.
Katie Cook, Sam Mueller, & Heather Horst at St. Louis Earth Day 2013

Rebeka Alvarez reached her 2 year anniversary in April. She has been our team 3 supervisor for most of that time. Rebeka has always impressed us with her leadership and ability to get hard jobs done.

Better Life Maids green house cleaning team member Rebeka Alvarez
Rebeka Alvarez being interviewed by News Channel 5

Heather Horst reached her 2 year anniversary in October. A longtime favorite of our clients, this summer Heather stepped into a new role as a Client Experience Manager. She is also tasked as our St. Charles county general manager. We have always appreciated Heather for her positive attitude and kindness.

Nma Holt has reached 1 year of service with Better Life Maids this past September. One thing that you may not know about Nma is that she is a trained ballerina. If you ever watched her clean you might guess it though. She is extremely graceful and precise in everything she does. We have always admired Nma for her great smile. She has always had the ability to light up a room.

Better Life Maids green house cleaning team members
Nma, Sarah D, and Jade

Sam Mueller reached her 1 year of service in October. Sam has been a great asset to our team since she began. Sam throws herself into everything she does. This past year Sam completed a mission to Haiti and has another planned for the Spring of 2014. Sam is one of the most giving people we have ever met, and we value that so much.

We truly have amazing team members at Better Life Maids. We wanted to share a few of their milestones with you. If you would like to find out more about our services and meet some of our amazing people. Click on the free instant quote button below. Our online system will provide you an estimate in just a few seconds.

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