Green House Cleaning For a Year Sweepstakes Winner Is Announced

Better Life Maids announces winner of the year of green house cleaning services
Amie Mcilroy Won a Year of Free Green House Cleaning from Better Life Maids

For the past year we have received thousands of entries for our Year of Green House Cleaning Sweepstakes. In fact we received nearly 17,000 entries. We are proud to announce that Amie McIlroy was our winner. She will enjoy an entire year free from cleaning toilets, vacuuming, and other domestic chores. Congratulations Amie we are so happy for you.

From the thousands of entries Amie McIlroy was selected to receive the year of green house cleaning services.

“You are kidding me? Thank you so much! WOO HOO!” was all Amie had to say when she found out she had won.

“I can’t wait to tell Cory,” said Amie excited to share the news with her husband.

“I was very excited to share the news with Amie. Her enthusiasm was great and I was almost just as excited as she was,” said Matthew Ricketts the President and Chief Experience Officer of Better Life Maids. “The response to the Facebook sweepstakes was amazing and I can’t wait to pick our winner again for next year.”

Needless to say Amie was extremely excited to find out she won. While we would love to share a free cleaning with all of our wonderful fans, we just can’t do it and keep the lights on. However you enter win this years sweepstakes by clicking here. And hopefully we will be congratulating you next year.

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