Discover How Affordable House Cleaning Can Be

Professional House Cleaning is an affordable luxury today

In today’s fast-paced world, finding quality time to spend with family is more challenging than ever. The answer to finding more time is more straightforward than you think. Buy back your time and discover how affordable house cleaning can be compared to dining out.

We do it all the time already with little thought to it. The average American spends about $166 per person monthly dining out. But this tends to skew much higher for upper-middle-class families. And it adds up pretty quickly. The average family meal is nearly $125, which can be much more if you add a couple of alcoholic beverages.

If it’s a time-to-value equation, dining out certainly saves time. But the impact compared to a house cleaning visit is insignificant. On average, a meal out might save a family a couple of hours of prep work and cleanup. However, a house cleaning visit will save a family from 7 to 15 hours of chores over two weeks or upwards of 30 hours each month

The Cost of Dining Out vs. Professional Cleaning

At first glance, spending $125 for a night of entertainment is a fair trade. However, when you consider that a professional house cleaning service can offer a clean, stress-free home environment for a slightly larger investment, the long-term benefits become apparent. Professional cleaning services, such as those offered by Better Life Maids, provide a pristine living space and gift families with something invaluable: time. On average, we save our customers 7 hours of chores each week. A recurring cleaning can range from $130 to $215 for most homes. But you can get an instant online price and see your house’s cost. 

The Value Beyond the Price Tag

“Time is money,” as the saying goes, and for busy families juggling jobs, school, and activities. Most families are pinched for time from the time the alarm goes off. Families that opt for professional cleaning save over 7 hours each week on household chores. That’s almost an entire workday’s worth of time back in your hands—time that can be spent fostering relationships, pursuing passions, or simply enjoying each other’s company. It used to be that having your home cleaned was a luxury, but today it is more of a necessity for today’s modern family. 

Impact on Quality of Life

The benefits of professional cleaning services extend far beyond the physical cleanliness of your home. Imagine reallocating those 7 hours a week towards activities that enrich your life and relationships. Families can enjoy more outings, engage in hobbies, or simply relax together, decreasing stress and increasing happiness. Testimonials from our clients at Better Life Maids reveal how a clean home can affect one’s overall well-being and family dynamics.

Affordability in Perspective

The cost of professional house cleaning becomes surprisingly affordable when viewed through the lens of daily expenditures—such as that morning coffee run or maybe cooking at home instead of an extra time or two. Families can invest in well-being and happiness by reallocating funds typically spent on these less impactful purchases.

Making the Investment in Your Family’s Well-being

Choosing professional house cleaning is not about splurging on a luxury—it’s about wisely investing in your family’s quality of life. The benefits are clear: more time, less stress, and a healthier environment. At Better Life Maids, we understand the value of your time and are dedicated to helping you maximize it. 


In the grand scheme, investing in professional house cleaning services is a decision to invest in your family’s future. The cost is affordable compared to typical family outings and offers an unmatched return on investment regarding health, happiness, and quality of life. We invite you to consider how better use of your resources can lead to significant gains in your family time and well-being. Let Better Life Maids help you reclaim your time and transform your living space into a source of joy and relaxation.