Women Spend Almost 30 Hours a Week on Housework. Save a Few with Better Life Maids.

Better Life Maids Green House Cleaning Team MemberAccording to the July/August 2011 cover story of Mother Jones, working moms spend an average of 28.5 hours per week on housework and child care. That’s more hours than most part-time jobs! Imagine what you could do if you could spend two fewer hours cleaning and vacuuming, and have those two hours to spend time with friends or go on a family outing. That’s certainly possible with an appointment from Better Life Maids.

One visit from two Better Life Maids home cleaners takes around two hours, where we take the time to make your home spic ‘n span. We even bring all of our own cleaning supplies and equipment, so there’s no need for you to lend us your vacuum and cleaners (unless you want to). In those two hours, we do lots of things, including:

• Vacuum the floors
• Dust
• Hand polish
• Take out the trash
• Clean the bathrooms (behind the toilet too!)
• Clean the kitchen (even the stove)
• Clean all glass surfaces

And much more. For a full list of included tasks go to the what’s included page of our website.

With all that work off your shoulders, you might even get more than two hours to do something other than housework. We even take the time to do a few extras upon request, such as the windows, the interiors of your oven or refrigerator, or the porch and garage. Let Better Life Maids take care of those chores that you’ve been putting off as well as the ones you do on a regular basis.

Although the average number of hours of housework done per week has been declining since the 70s, more and more moms are balancing a career on top of family and the household. Give yourself a break with a home cleaning from Better Life Maids. You might find that we can make your life a little bit better than before. Get a free quote on your house today.