Professional Closet Organization Services in St. Louis

Imagine entering your home and being greeted by perfectly organized closets. Clothes hang in precise rows, shoes gleam from their tidy shelves, linens are sorted by season and size, and everything in your medicine cabinet is easily accessible (and no more 3-year expired Tylenol!). 

This dream scenario shouldn’t just be in your imagination — it can be achieved with a professional closet organization service through Better Life Maids. Our professional closet organizers in St. Louis dive into the disorder, transforming your closets into oases of calm and efficiency.

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Types of Closets to Organize

With closet organization, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each closet organization system should be tailor-made to fit your space’s specific dimensions, and the organization style should reflect how you live your day-to-day — what could work for one person may not work for you!

Clothes Closet

Your wardrobe closet shouldn’t be a source of frustration. Consider a professional closet organizer near you to help implement solutions like clear bins or open shelving, distinct zones for a shared space, or organization by color, season or planned outfits. P.S. A thorough wardrobe decluttering service can help make space for items you truly love.

Linen Closet

Often overlooked, linen closets can be a catch-all for your towels, washcloths, bedding and blankets. Our professional closet organizers recommend placing everyday items within easy reach, while storing bulkier or less frequently used items on higher shelves. Baskets and bins are a great way to neatly contain smaller items.

Medicine Cabinet

Utilize small trays or clear containers to organize similar items, such as first-aid supplies, daily skincare products or travel-sized toiletries. Don’t forget to utilize the cabinet door — over-the-door organizers or stick-on small shelves can increase your storage options! And remember to clear out expired medications and skincare to free up valuable space.

Coat Closet

Having a closet organizing solution for your coat closet will make for a smooth transition between seasons. Use bins or higher shelves to store out-of-season outerwear, or store these in a weather-proof bin in the basement or garage. You can also add hooks for hats, scarves and bags to keep these items off the floor.

Set Up Your Closet Organization Service in St. Louis with Better Life Maids

Better Life Maid’s personalized approach to closet organization not only maximizes your space but also enhances the accessibility and enjoyment of your belongings. Our professional closet organizers work closely with you to develop tailored organizing systems that meet your needs. 

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Eco-Friendly Maid Service in St. Louis

House Cleaning & Organization Designed for Delight

Better Life Maids is committed to helping you spend more time on what matters most, this is our singular goal and promise to you. As one of the finest St. Louis cleaning companies and a leader in the industry, we enjoy bringing a consistently delightful service that sets the standard for health and safety. Our team employs proven yet innovative processes and practices, all designed to improve the quality of your life and keep your family and pets safe. We are known and loved for the eco-friendly cleaning services we provide across St. Louis and the area, so leave the chores to us and enjoy a healthy home and more time for what truly matters. And now you can have us help implement organizational systems in your home as well. Just let us know how we can help.


– Angela Ricketts, Founder

We’ve been using Better Life Maids to clean our home for over a year now. They consistently do a great job. I really appreciate the convenient scheduling (they are always willing to accomodate us). Our team is also great with my 3 year old son! He is usually at home with our nanny when they come to clean and I always hear about how much fun he has entertaining the cleaners 😛

Review by Kate Smith
Kate Smith
St. Louis

There is no better feeling than walking into a super clean home, and knowing that someone else took time to do it. ? Totally worth the expense, as this gives me time for other things that are important!

Review by April Mickens Jolly
April Mickens Jolly
St. Louis

They absolutely make my life better! So professional and organized. They have a checklist for what is cleaned so that you know that it will be the same deep, thorough cleaning every time. Maids clock in and out (like a professional job) and leave my home as pretty as the day we moved in. Cannot write enough to recommend this company.

Review by Sarah Felumb
Sarah Felumb
St. Louis

They did a great job. I don’t get my house cleaned so this was all new to me — they made it easy and I am thrilled to have the help — and thrilled to have a little more time to hang out with my family instead of cleaning.

Review by Laura Muller Goddard
Laura Muller Goddard
St. Louis

I love Better Life Maids! I come home to a sparkling house- clean in places I would never get to on my own! My house smells fresh and clean and I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals harming my kids or my pets! They are reliable and always respond to concerns or questions promptly. Excellent customer service and a perfectly clean house! Amanda, Ashley, and Lupe did a fantastic job! I can’t recommend them enough!

Review by Caitlin Madison
Caitlin Madison
St. Louis

I had a great experience with the team that came to my home on October 4th. They were very professional and cheerful and the floors of my home have never been so clean. It was worth the investment and such a positive experience. I was very confident that this group would be able to get the job done, and they did not disappoint.

Review by Susan Leeper Leonard
Susan Leeper Leonard
St. Louis

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