ISSA 2023 Professional House Cleaner of The Year: Melody Perkins

Melody Perkins of Better Life Maids has been awarded the ISSA 2023 PerfectCLEAN Professional Cleaner of the Year Award. This is the highest honor a home cleaning professional can receive.

This award is presented each year to a “go-to” cleaner who never misses a beat, is always upbeat, helpful to other staff, and whom clients and other employees love. In essence, this award was custom-made for Melody!

The award reviews a wide variety of metrics including technician quality and service scores, culture fit, and their application of the trade and professionalizing the home cleaning industry. Melody stood out due to her 100% quality and customer service score over the past 12 months. This is exceptional and well above industry standards of 92% (using industry benchmarks from widely adopted software platforms).

Melody has also achieved the role of Master Technician at Better Life Maids. To do so she has completed industry and company training on quality, customer service, chemicals, surfaces, safety, and much more. In addition to achieving the role of Master Technician at Better Life Maids, she also achieved the highest levels of efficiency and productivity, in addition to her outstanding quality.

Melody also consistently demonstrates the CORE Values of Better Life Maids, LEAD, Leadership, Entrusted, Attention to Detail, and Delightful. Melody is consistently a culture leader for Delightful at Better Life Maids. Culture Leaders are selected by their peers for their consistent demonstration of a company’s value. She helps lift up everyone around her with a positive attitude and is always willing to help a team member who is falling behind schedule.

Melody received her award in person at the ISSA Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 15th, 2023.

About Better Life Maids
Founded in 2008, Better Life Maids has consistently set industry standards for quality and customer service. With a mission to make lives better, one clean house at a time, the company employs a team of professionals trained to use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are as effective as they are safe. Beyond merely cleaning homes, Better Life Maids aims to create an overall better quality of life for its clients through trust, reliability, and outstanding service

Melody Perkins receiving the Professional House Cleaner of the Year Award