Get Your Apartment Cleaning Price Delivered in Seconds

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We have been cleaning St. Louis homes for nearly a decade.

We do things differently at Better Life Maids. Maybe it is old fashioned, but we are a modern company that stands behind the work we do. We are committed to giving our clients a consistently delightful experience on every visit. You pick Better Life Maids because you want the job done right, and done by people you can trust.

What we promise:

  1. We will clean your windows and home with respect and treat your home like our home.
  2. We guarantee to give you a delightful cleaning experience, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.
  3. We guarantee to be there on your cleaning day. No more waiting around for contractors who don’t bother to show up.
  4. We will provide you the very best people in the home services industry. They will be in uniform, clean cut, and dedicated to your satisfaction.
  5. We will arrive in a lettered company vehicle.
  6. We will call you after your appointment to make sure everything was done to your satisfaction.

Get Your Apartment Cleaning Price Delivered in Seconds


Olivia and her team were awesome! They were friendly and cheerful and did a great job with cleaning my house; they even wiped down the inside of my fridge (the job I hate the most). Thanks ladies!
Katie K, Yelp
I had such a great first experience with Better Life Maids. They were on time, friendly, efficient and stayed within the cleaning time frame. They cleaned parts of my house I didn’t know could be clean! I also appreciate the eco-friendliness and that my house smelled clean without being overpowering. It was worth every penny and I will be calling again soon- I’m hooked. Brandy was amazing and I appreciate her professionalism. Katie was so accommodating on the phone too. Overall very positive. Thanks so much!
Abby L, Facebook
They were excellent! Our house looks spotless. And for the price it was well worth it. All the cleaners were courteous and nice and they made sure we were comfortable with what they were cleaning. I will definitely be utilizing their services again.
Christina S, Google