6 Reasons to Trust Better Life Maids For Your Home Cleaning Needs

Better Life Maids is house cleaning service you can count on and a maid service you can trust.


It’s fundamental in personal and business relationships. Without it, relationships can’t grow or will fail. Trust is the bedrock, the gut instinct, the driving force.

We’ve built our business at Better Life Maids based on this very important foundation. Trust is paramount in the home cleaning industry – after all, you’re giving us access to your most important possessions – often without being there.

Obviously we stand behind each cleaning with our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Here are six more reasons to trust that Better Life Maids is the right solution for your home cleaning needs.

First – When we were designing our green cleaning company, there were some “non-negotiables” that we believe are the key to our success. One of those is our Core Values. These are the values our company was founded upon, and what we strive to deliver every day. We believe these help instill the trust necessary for our clients to invite us into their homes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. You can trust us and our maids. We hold our team members to a higher standard. We talk about at least one of our Core Values, nearly everyday. Our team members know we expect the very best from them, because you deserve nothing less.

Second – Our attention to detail – in cleaning, but also in the products we use, is of high importance. It’s one thing to say we’re a green house cleaning company, but if we don’t back it up by using green products and seeking ways to reduce our waste footprint, then we don’t think we’re doing our job. We think our potential and current clients would agree. They trust us to be honest in our business practices…sneaking a non-green cleaning product into the mix just wouldn’t jive with that. We use the entire line of Better Life natural household cleaning products – and offer them to you at low prices so you can enjoy the same cleaning experience in-between our visits.

Third – We are upfront about what we can, and can’t do. Each new client gets a list of what’s included, so there is never any confusion as to what we will provide. For example, we can clean the windows inside your home. But we aren’t able to clean them on the outside. That’s the expertise of another type of cleaning company! (That being said, there’s not much INSIDE your home we can’t clean. Just ask.) You can trust we’ll always be honest with you.

Fourth – We’ve done the research. We’ve examined our competition. We believe we have the best green cleaning company available. Our business was built first on our desire to clean with the most environmentally friendly products available to reduce toxins in our home. You know the old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Once we realized we could become green cleaning evangelists, we understood that helping other who also want to help the earth and families become healthier through green cleaning was a mission we couldn’t ignore. You can trust that our love for our children was the springboard for the business you see today.

Fifth – We’re not content to “sit on our laurels.” We still research and seek out the best solutions to cleaning issues. New ways of doing things are always popping up and we’re devoted ourselves to bringing the best solutions to our clients. You can trust that we’re on the forefront of the green cleaning movement.

Sixth – we could charge more for our services, but we choose to make it as affordable as possible to as many people as we can. You can trust that we will continue to price fairly and appropriately with an eye toward affordability for as many households as possible.

Trust is at the center of any relationship. You can trust that we value yours and will continue to work hard to earn and retain it.

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