20 Jul 2012

MEET ELISA Elisa started with Better Life Maids in September of 2011. She is one of the great team members in our original St. Louis office. Q. What are your long term goals? A. I want to do it all. I would like to develop my skill set to have a professional career, but I… Read more »

4 Areas to Cut Energy Costs

27 Jun 2012

If you’ve been looking at your monthly energy bills and wondering how you can reduce them, consider some of these money-saving tips. Water: It’s a common thing to see – someone is brushing his teeth…with the water running in the sink. By simply turning it off while you brush, you’ll make a (small) dent in… Read more »

5 All-Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh: Green House Cleaning Tips

13 Jun 2012

Sniff. Sniff sniff What’s that smell? Odors in the home can drive you nuts, especially if you can’t quite determine the location of the offending smell. Well, if you can’t find it, you can cover it up. Or neutralize it. Of course Better Life has a natural solution that is ready to use and easy… Read more »

Better Life Launches New Site Featuring Natural Household Cleaning Products

05 Feb 2012

It has been an exciting week here at Better Life Maids, but not just for us. Our co-branded retail partner Better Life launched their new consumer friendly website this week, making all of their natural household cleaning products, easier to explore and more accessible. The website is not only amazing to look at, it has… Read more »

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