Better Life Maids Positioned To Take Advantage Of Trend Toward Low Cost Franchises

17 Jun 2012

Over the last several years low cost franchises have been on the rise. One such franchise, Better Life Maids is poised for national growth and is ready to take advantage of this trend. According to Franchise Business Review, a franchise market research firm, low cost franchises have remained popular and have grown their market share… Read more »


10 Jun 2012

Franchising is a proven way to accelerate success in starting a business, but the truth is that franchising is not for everyone. Green house cleaning franchise Better Life Maids suggests some insightful questions that a potential franchisee should ask themselves before choosing to franchise or open an independent business. Better Life Maids President and Chief… Read more »

Seeing Window Replacement In a New Light: Green Living Tips From Better Life Maids

06 Jun 2012

  Windows provide a portal into the world outside our homes as well as bring light into darkened rooms. They come in countless shapes and sizes and varying degrees of energy efficiency. If you live in an older home, chances are you might be considering replacing your existing panes for ones that offer a newer… Read more »

To Franchise or Not to Franchise: Better Life Maids Covers The Pros & Cons

03 Jun 2012

Deciding to buy into a franchise is usually not a cheap proposition. After all, you’re buying into the expertise, guidance and knowledge of the franchisor. That saves a lot of time in the learning curve, trust me. When Angela and I decided to franchise our Better Life Maids business, we wanted to be sure it… Read more »

Great Business Ideas For Green Moms

27 May 2012

Going “green” is clearly more than a fad or a passing whim of society in the US. In fact, the average household used to produce over 6 pounds of trash per day, and that number shot down to 4.7 during 2011. There is a very interesting phenomenon that happens when you become a parent. You… Read more »


08 Apr 2012

We get asked all the time how a young business gets capital, ie money to get off the ground. It is a good question and the video above does a great job of describing how the vast majority of companies are funded. The truth is most businesses are started with the founders savings. If they… Read more »


04 Mar 2012

If you’ve been considering going into business for yourself, but are unsure of what you might want to do, consider a green cleaning franchise with us, Better Life Maids. Why? Because according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall demand for household cleaning services is expected to grow at an annual rate of… Read more »

BETTER LIFE MAIDS: Green House Cleaning Service of St. Louis is Recognized By ARCSI

22 Jul 2011

Today was a fun day. It is always great to be recognized by your peers, and today ARCSI The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International gave us a nice nod. The piece featured Matt Ricketts our President of Franchise Operations, and pointed out some of our keys to success over the years, including our brand,… Read more »

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