Professional house cleaning to help you get ready for any of life's big events. Green house cleaning st. louis, by Better Life Maids

This weekends big game is just one of many reasons to hire a professional maid service. Getting your house ready for guests, or cleaning out the popcorn from hard to reach places the day after, having either or both will make your like just that much better this week. You can focus on making sure your guests have a great time, and leave the cleaning to us.

Maybe you are not the person that thinks they need a maid service every week or even once a month, but you have to admit that life can get pretty hectic whenever you are hosting a party at your home. At our home we take parties pretty seriously (and we always have a cleaning that week). Between getting out the invites, planning the event, decorating, and preparing food, its a pretty big commitment. Even if its a relatively small get together some if not all of these stages of party planning are part of hosting your friends and family. And that does not include time shopping for food and supplies. Why not save yourself a few hours, and outsource your party prep house cleaning.

You can check availability or book online right now or call us at (877) MAID-TIME if that’s easier for you.

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Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts
Angela Ricketts – Founder of Better Life Maids