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Often it is the small or unexpected things that make our day great. Things as simple as a thank you note, a smile, or a compliment can make an ordinary experience extraordinary. How we do the small things, is more than the sum of these simple acts, they truly shape how we do everything else in our life or business. I challenge you to look for little acts throughout your day that are meaningful and genuine and recognize them. I also challenge you to find opportunities to be exceptional in your everyday life and touch others through these small acts.

One of my favorite authors and motivational speakers is Robin Sharma. I can almost hear him say “The way we do small things, determines the way we do EVERYTHING.”

At Better Life Maids, I believe what will help us grow and thrive is by setting us apart from our many competitors, is our attention to detail and execution of “the small things”. The truth is that our clients could easily choose to clean their home themselves or choose one of our many noble competitors instead of. We have to execute on the big things like keeping our appointments and delivering high-quality cleaning results. Those are just the basics. But to deepen the relationship and create real value for our clients, it really does become about all of the small details adding up.

These include: email reminders the day before a cleaning visit that includes their team supervisors profile, phone calls on the day of service when we are on the way, a happy and courteous team arriving ready to work hard, folded toilet paper, fluffed pillows, a thoughtful note after each visit, hospitality mints on the counter, and a follow up call or email after each visit. All of those small details add to the overall experience. And when we are executing on even the smallest details, we are certainly delivering on the big details. These are just some of the small difference that set us apart.

It takes an overall commitment to execution to deliver on these details. And we are committed. We have chosen to build our company around great people. To pay them up to 40% better than our competition, and to empower them to deliver great results. We have built it into our companies CORE VALUES, our company DNA so to speak. Any person or business can do it, it just takes the vision and commitment to execute.

If you would like to experience the Better Life Maids difference you can start by getting a free instant quote and checking out our many great reviews.

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