I’m Going To Miss Those Cheerios Someday

I want to share a quick story of my day in hopes that it gives you something to smile about.

I was getting ready to leave the other morning in a bit of a rush with two of my kids. As I was putting my daughter in the car seat, which can be a struggle all of it’s own….she declared she wanted some juice and Cheerios which she refers to “Cheeries“! I sighed at the thought of a few more minutes to get out the door and the countless Cheerios that would cover the floor of the car (just like other rooms they had been in that morning). As I proceeded back into the house to retrieve the snack I realized I needed to make it twice, one for my son too!

It felt like forever to get out the house. Driving down the road, all I hear is the endless crunch of the Cheerios. As they go from the hand to the mouth and then falling onto the plastic mat on the car floor. At first, I feel aggravated at the constant crunching and munching. But then I thought there will come a day when my kids are grown, my car remains perfectly clean, and I miss the noise of the of the continuous crunch and munch of the “cherries”. So I turn on the radio up drown out the crunch, I smile and think to myself…one day I will miss this noise too!

I reflected that day on the people in my life and the things happening every day that I might take for granted, perhaps believing that things will always be there. When in reality there will be an end. Let me savor these moments today. And yes. The Cheerios will be the bane of my existence for years to come, but I will do my best to appreciate them, because I know I’m going to miss those Cheerios someday.

The Cheerios taking over my family room. Don’t judge me too hard. Better Life Maids came later that week.