Seven Easy Tips to Keep Your Floors Spotless

Every thorough cleaning ends with the floors. Spotless floors give your home a polished feel, as well as keep allergies, asthma, and germs under control. 

Still, maintaining your floors can take a lot of time and effort, so hiring a house cleaning service in Maplewood is a good idea. On the other hand, if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, read on for some easy tips! 

How to keep your floors clean?

 Here’s what you can do to keep your floors spotless at all times:

How to keep your floors clean

1. Vacuum regularly 

You should vacuum hard floors at least once a week and carpets and rugs twice a week, since they are a hotbed of dust and dirt, which can cause asthma and allergies. Investing in an ultra-efficient, handy portable vacuum is wise as it will make your life easier. 

2. Leave your shoes at the door

This is a zero-effort tip and it can make so much difference. No more muddy shoe prints and bacteria stuck to your floors as soon as you step inside.

3. Get an air purifier 

Believe it or not, there is a link between clean floors and air purifiers. They help clear airborne particles such as dust, dander, or allergens, before they even hit the ground. 

4. Mind your rugs 

Rugs may be a stylish accessory to your room, but they also attract all kinds of debris. Before you vacuum every week, shake your rug to loosen particles and make it easier to pick them up, and vacuum the underside every month.

5. Handle the grout 

Dingy grout prevents your tile floors from looking shiny and new, so you have to stay ahead. Some DIY solutions will do the trick. For example, you can scrub the floor with a mixture  of baking soda and vinegar mixture on a toothbrush. 

6. Take care of your pets 

Pets can bring dirt into your home. You should always have a towel by the front door designated for washing your pet’s muddy paws after the walk. You should also brush your pet regularly and wash them at least once a month.  

7. Deodorize your mats 

A natural vinegar solution can be an efficient way to remove funky odors from mats. Use a spray bottle to spray white vinegar over stains, smelly surfaces, or pet accidents. After you’ve sprayed the solution over the stain, let it dry. 

Another way to deodorize the carpet is baking powder. Mix the powder with essential oils in a shaker jar and sprinkle it over your mats or carpets. Let it sit and absorb smells and dirt and then vacuum. 

How do you disinfect hardwood floors without damaging them?

How do you disinfect hardwood floors without damaging them

Disinfecting hardwood floors can be a delicate business. The usual mop and bucket method can actually do more harm than good. Aggressive chemicals and even excess moisture can damage hardwood. Follow our tips for safe ways to keep your hardwood floors clean: 

  • Use a soft-bristled broom that won’t damage the finish
  • Vacuum with a soft floor nozzle 
  • Remove sticky debris with a damp clean cloth
  • Make sure not to leave water pools or liquid cleaners when tidying up
  • Use only a recommended hard-floor cleaning solution 
  • Do not use a steam cleaner

Where can I outsource house cleaning in Maplewood? 

Floors can be the trickiest part of your house cleaning, so you might consider hiring professional help. The seasoned and trained experts from Better Life Maids will take care of all your sanitary needs, from cleaning your bathroom and disinfecting your kitchen sink, to making your windows shine

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