Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myths

At Better Life Maids we clean a lot of hardwood floors. In fact in the course of a year providing green house cleaning services to St. Louis, St. Charles, Portland, and Birmingham, we will clean thousands of homes. Most of them have hardwood floors. We really do consider ourselves hardwood floor cleaning experts. Even still, with thousands of homes cleaned each year with great results and no damage, we get potential clients that insist that we use vinegar, or ammonia, or a steam mop on their newly installed hardwood floors. We will use vinegar or steam mops if a client insists, but only after we have explained to them the risks, and let them know that our damage policies will not cover the use of these products on their floors.

As a rule we try to only use the entire line of Better Life cleaning products to clean our clients’ homes. All of the Better Life products have been proven to be safe and effective at cleaning all the surfaces of their homes. Simply Floored is Better Life’s PH neutral floor cleaner that leaves hardwood floors looking great, and keeps them safe with amazing results. And it has to be. In St. Louis alone, we clean nearly 10,000 homes per year. We just can’t risk using a product that will cause damage to our clients’ floors. Simply Floored has stood the test of time and repeat use. We know it works, and we know it keeps our clients’ homes floors looking good for years.

Many of the hardwood floor cleaning methods listed below will leave your floors with “great” short-term results, but over time, your beautiful hardwood floors may be damaged. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about how to keep your hardwood floors looking great for the long run. Lumber Liquidators is out to set the record straight. As one of the nations largest sellers of hardwood flooring, they really have heard and seen it all. Here are their 10 Hardwood Horrors. Truly bad cleaning methods that not only won’t work for your floors, in the long run, will damage them.


Lumber Liquidators