CORE Values: BETTER LIFE MAIDS is a Green House Cleaning Business That Lives Those Values

Angel Ricketts founder of Better Life Maids: Green House Cleaning, St. Louis, MO

Early on in my business career, I discovered something about myself. I would work harder, deliver stronger results, and was driven to succeed, when I felt my work had purpose, and meant something. I don’t think I am alone here either. It is my strong belief that most of us are seeking out that purpose and meaning in what we do, the way we live our lives, and even in our work. And why not. We spend so much of our adult lives dedicated to work, shouldn’t it have meaning for us beyond a paycheck?

That is why when I founded BETTER LIFE MAIDS I made the choice to build a business upon the values that I sought out in my work and personal life. I didn’t want to build a green house cleaning business. I wanted to build a business that provided an excellent experience for our clients, but was also a great place to work. Here are the values that we strive for every day at BETTER LIFE MAIDS, while not perfect, they help define the path and the people we choose to follow.

1. Deliver excellent client satisfaction and always strive to produce a WOW experience.
2. Have faith that nearly all people are good, and always strive to believe
3. Have fun and build an atmosphere of friendship and family.
4. The lifeblood of our business is trust, and our integrity is our lasting legacy.
5. Be humble, and have a heart for service.
6. Be dependable in all things, large and small.
7. Make every day better than the last, always striving to learn and grow.
8. Maintain open and honest lines of communication.
9. Be empathetic and kind, and place yourself in other peoples shoes.
10. Be Green! Do more with less, do it safer, better, and embrace new ways of doing things.

What do you think? If you are seeking to build your own business and strike out on your own, I suggest early on you define the values of your business. Don’t just write them down, but try to live them. You won’t always succeed, but when you do find yourself making mistakes, you can more easily correct course knowing the path you want to follow.

Angela Ricketts

Founder: Vice President of Client Experience