Proud Partner of Cleaning For a Reason

First of all and as always I want to say Thank You! Thank you for supporting Better Life Maids. We do now as ever strive to be St. Louis best green house cleaning service. And your support helps us provide free cleanings to women battling cancer.

October is national breast cancer awareness month. While I know that you are inundated by pink marketing this month, I wanted to share with you the program that you make possible through your support of Better Life Maids. You can click on the image above to watch a video that News Channel 5 did on the program.

We have been a proud partner of Cleaning For a Reason for the past 6 years. Together we try to make a difference in the lives of women undergoing cancer treatment. We donate up to 8 monthly cleanings to women that are placed with us through the program, and we have committed to providing services to one woman per month for each team we have. To date we have served over 50 women undergoing treatment for cancer, and provided nearly 250 free cleaning. You can go to their website and see all the good Cleaning for a Reason has done. To date over 17,000 cleanings have been donated nationwide, by services just like ours, committed to making the lives of those battling cancer, just a little bit better, one clean home at a time.

As we grow, our commitment to Cleaning For a Reason grows as well. Thank you for your ongoing support, and for helping us serve this cause that is near and dear to our heart. So many have been touched by this terrible disease. We know that we aren’t curing cancer. But we believe that providing these cleanings helps women to focus on their health and provides them with relief from the stress of every day life. It may seem like a little thing, but little things done with great love can change the world. Again, thank you so much for your support.


Better Life Maids founder Angela Ricketts
Angela Ricketts
Founder and Vice President of Client Experience
Better Life Maids