In the first issue of Cleaning Business Today I wrote about how small businesses are going mobile and leveraging technologies that were previously only available to large companies.

Some of the reasons small businesses are going mobile include decreased the cost of equipment, ease of use, and much lower software integration costs now that there are so many off the shelf solutions that just work. Think about how apps like Square help small businesses collect payment at the point of service and get paid fast and at a fair rate. GPS and mapping technology, integrated scheduling software, improved communications, and much more are available right from devices that we could have only dreamed of 10 years ago. Small businesses going mobile is a huge trend and one that has the potential to dramatically improve almost any small businesses operations.

How have mobile devices changed Better Life Maids? All of the above reasons and much more. We are even going to an iPhone and iPad based training system that will allow our teams to review important training modules anywhere they have a company device.

Read the article and let me know what you think.

Matthew Ricketts
President & Chief Experience Officer
Better Life Maids
Cleaning Business Today