Fall Colors – Better Life Maids Offers Fall Tips

11 Sep 2012

Fall is an amazing time of year, and the staff favorite of our Better Life Maids, St. Louis office. First, kids go back to school giving summer-worn moms and dads a much needed break. Second, the days are cooler, a bonus after the blistering hot summer almost everyone in the U.S. experienced this year. Third,… Read more »


20 Jul 2012

MEET ELISA Elisa started with Better Life Maids in September of 2011. She is one of the great team members in our original St. Louis office. Q. What are your long term goals? A. I want to do it all. I would like to develop my skill set to have a professional career, but I… Read more »


19 Jul 2012

We’re havin’ a Heat Wave…. This post is not cleaning related, but we want to make sure our friends, family, employees, and fans are staying safe this summer and are finding safe ways to beat the heat. There’s no denying it – living in St. Louis (and, apparently pretty much everywhere else in the U.S…. Read more »

4 Areas to Cut Energy Costs

27 Jun 2012

If you’ve been looking at your monthly energy bills and wondering how you can reduce them, consider some of these money-saving tips. Water: It’s a common thing to see – someone is brushing his teeth…with the water running in the sink. By simply turning it off while you brush, you’ll make a (small) dent in… Read more »

Being Green Underfoot – Flooring Options: Green House Cleaning Tips

20 Jun 2012

Does “going green” run counter to a flooring home improvement project? It can, if you don’t fully evaluate the choices you have available to you today. Deciding to replace worn out or out-dated flooring can be exciting and confusing. Do you choose wood, carpet, laminate, tile, linoleum, vinyl, cork, bamboo? It seems like the choices… Read more »

5 All-Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh: Green House Cleaning Tips

13 Jun 2012

Sniff. Sniff sniff What’s that smell? Odors in the home can drive you nuts, especially if you can’t quite determine the location of the offending smell. Well, if you can’t find it, you can cover it up. Or neutralize it. Of course Better Life has a natural solution that is ready to use and easy… Read more »

Seeing Window Replacement In a New Light: Green Living Tips From Better Life Maids

06 Jun 2012

  Windows provide a portal into the world outside our homes as well as bring light into darkened rooms. They come in countless shapes and sizes and varying degrees of energy efficiency. If you live in an older home, chances are you might be considering replacing your existing panes for ones that offer a newer… Read more »

Pregnancy Safety: 5 House Cleaning Products to Avoid and What to Replace Them With

30 May 2012

The “nesting” phase of pregnancy happens to every mom. That mad rush to get everything cleaned and organized can be taken to a new level by paying special attention to ensuring that during this process neither mom nor baby are affected by fumes, direct toxins, or residue that is created by using common cleaning products…. Read more »

Don’t Rip Out That Bush – Part 2

14 May 2012

In part 1, I wrote about how it pays to live in your home and observe your landscape for a full 12 months before beginning any major home improvement projects. This article discusses what you can do in your yard each season while you’re still in the “observing” stage. Winter: Winter is the time when… Read more »

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