7 Things You Could Be Doing This Weekend In St. Louis: Instead of House Cleaning

22 Jul 2015

One of the best parts of having Better Life Maids take over your house cleaning duties… Is never having to say no to weekend plans. The weekends were not made for cleaning. We want to try to regularly highlight some of the great events that are going on around St. Louis every weekend. Consider this… Read more »

Meet Nma, Sarah D, and Jade Some of Our Great Green House Cleaning Team Members

17 Jul 2013

The greatest asset of any company is its people. We really do strive to find amazing team members at Better Life Maids and if you meet any of our green house cleaning team members we believe you will whole heartedly agree. Nma is pictured on the left. She is our resident ballerina and you will… Read more »

Filling The Gaps To Prevent Energy Leakage

06 Mar 2013

With energy bills soaring and incomes shrinking, saving money on your home’s heating and cooling bills takes on new importance. Not only does sealing cracks, crevices and gaps around your home save money, it helps make the indoor environment more pleasant and comfortable. Even if your home is well insulated otherwise, small imperfections around pipes,… Read more »


27 Feb 2013

  Cleaning silver without harsh chemicals is the focus of this article. We all know that silver is a beautiful metal. Being the only true white metal on the planet, it gives pieces that are constructed from it a hue and shine unsurpassed. But silver has a dirty secret…over time it tarnishes or becomes “dirty.”… Read more »

Creating Fun Is One of Better Life Maids Core Values: Music That Inspires Fun

22 Jan 2013

Creating fun is one of Better Life Maids CORE Values, and one we really try to achieve every day. One of the key things we do each day is to make sure great music is playing to help inspire us and our staff. Music is an amazing gift we share with one another, and love… Read more »

6 Reasons to Trust Better Life Maids For Your Home Cleaning Needs

16 Jan 2013

Trust. It’s fundamental in personal and business relationships. Without it, relationships can’t grow or will fail. Trust is the bedrock, the gut instinct, the driving force. We’ve built our business at Better Life Maids based on this very important foundation. Trust is paramount in the home cleaning industry – after all, you’re giving us access… Read more »

Green House Cleaning For a Year Sweepstakes Winner Is Announced

10 Jan 2013

For the past year we have received thousands of entries for our Year of Green House Cleaning Sweepstakes. In fact we received nearly 17,000 entries. We are proud to announce that Amie McIlroy was our winner. She will enjoy an entire year free from cleaning toilets, vacuuming, and other domestic chores. Congratulations Amie we are… Read more »


02 Jan 2013

There are a lot of gas saving myths circulating about the best ways to save money on gas. Our last gas saving tips post highlighted some darn good tips on how to save. This post focusses on – the gas saving myths that don’t work, so don’t bother trying them. 1. Using premium gas –… Read more »

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