7 Things You Could Be Doing This Weekend In St. Louis: Instead of House Cleaning

One of the best parts of having Better Life Maids take over your house cleaning duties… Is never having to say no to weekend plans. The weekends were not made for cleaning. We want to try to regularly highlight some of the great events that are going on around St. Louis every weekend. Consider this your starting point to great adventures all around St. Louis. We will try to post this guide weekly, and if it becomes popular will let you subscribe to it as a weekly newsletter. So here goes in no particular order, some of the great things going on around St. Louis this weekend. Get out their and enjoy some of them, and leave the house cleaning to us.


1. SUP St. Louis. Dates: Vary. Location: Various.


If you haven’tWith all your free time from letting Better Life Maids do your house cleaning, you can enjoy some great SUP in St. Louis tried stand up paddling yet, or think you have to live by the ocean to try this, you are in for a treat. Missouri is really a great place for SUP. Our rivers and lakes large and small are the perfect place to enjoy a SUP adventure. And SUP St. Louis is just the crew to get you started. With basic to advanced lessons, SUP Yoga, SUP Fitness, SUP Racing Training, and SUP River Adventures. Their is bound to be a SUP experience perfect for you.



2. St. Louis Craft Beer Week Dates: 7/25-08/02 Location: Various.

stlcbw-300x2381While St. Louis is known far and wide for is Macro Brew beers. It also has an astounding variety of great craft breweries. From hometown favorite Schlafly, to up and comers like 4 Hands, their are literally to many to try to name them all here. But if you are in the This year St. Louis Craft Beer Week is a group of breweries, distributors, restaurants, bars, retail outlets, and beer fans all working together to promote and enjoy craft beer. Each night of this event will provide an opportunity to talk to brewers, pair food and beer, advocate local beer, and meet other beer enthusiasts. This is your chance to really see everything that the St. Louis beer scene has to offer. It’s about libation and education. The St. Louis Craft Beer Week is devoted to the beer brewers, drinkers and lovers in St. Louis. Be sure to check their Events section to learn more.


3. Summer Yoga Series Dates: Various Location: Ball Park Village

BPV_Yoga_APRMAY 315x177So this is a great Free ongoing event on select Wednesdays and Saturdays all summer long. In fact the series goes all the way until October 3rd. Practice your downward dog, and work on your inner peace in a beautiful setting, with great instructors. And did we mention the series of classes is completely free. And to top it off you can win a free tank from Lululemon each week. This is a great way to work off some tension from the week and then jump from there to many other great attractions and events all around town. All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend. And yes Lululemon makes mens clothes too. You can get in on the tank giveaway as well guys. Just make sure you wear it on appropriate sleeve optional events. To find out more click here.


4. Into The Woods Dates: Until July 27th Location: The Muny

Enjoy a night at the Muny St. Louis. With all your new found free time from Better Life Maids house cleaning, you will have time to enjoy all the culture you can handle.The Muny is one of St. Louis’ greatest treasures. If you have not seen a show under the stars of the Muny you are in for a real treat. Just the setting is magical. And that is doubly the case whey you are watching a show about fairy tales, witches, bold princesses, and brave princes. This story melts many of our favorite childhood fairy tales into an enchanting story. Bring your umbrella, because the show goes on rain or shine. You may even see the actors using umbrellas as props when the weather is less than ideal. In fact, in 2015 with all the rain we have had in St. Louis, they have had almost as many rainy evenings to this point as clear skies. Lets hope that changes for the rest of they year. Without even looking at the weather report, I’ll predict a beautiful night at the Muny. More information here.


5. Steely Dan With Elvis Costello & The Imposters or Van Halen Dates: 7/22 or 7/26 Location: Hollywood Casino Amphitheater

RiverportYou know you still call it Riverport. What ever you call it, you have watched many a great concert there. This is a pretty fun line up, classic rock from Steely Dan and I am not sure what genre Elvis Costello falls into neatly with his band the Imposters, but the do make some very fun music. And if you want something with a little more rock than roll, you could Dance The Night Away with Van Halen on Sunday Night. I know their is some debate as to whether they are still the Van Halen, but hey the Grateful Dead just put on an epic farewell tour minus Jerry, so I guess we can cut Van Halen some slack about changing faces over the years. With either concert you can relive many a great summer night at an Amphitheater that has had almost as many names as you have had cars since high school.


6. Celebrate Henry Shaw’s Birthday Dates: 7/24 Location: St. Louis Botanical Garden

07_HSBirthdayEven if you didn’t know Henry Shaw personally, you should consider coming out to the St. Louis Botanical Garden to celebrate what would have been his 214th birthday. This legendary St. Louis titan sought to enrich the citizens of St. Louis with a wealth of botanical and horticultural knowledge, and so he left us his estate as a public garden. To celebrate the man this Friday admission to the St. Louis Botanical Garden is free. Their will also be many performers and events inside the garden during the celebrations. You can also sign Shaw’s giant birthday card, tour the Henry Shaw Museum and enjoy stilt walkers, silhouette artists and marionette shows throughout the day. Thanks, Henry! For more information click here.


7. Art Hill Film Series Date 7/24 Location: Art Hill at Forest Park

CluelessFor most of the summer the Art Hill Film Series puts on fun and free movies with packed crowds on the grounds of Art Hill at Forest Park. If you are truly an avid movie buff you will appreciate such classics like last week’s Jaws, or Clueless this week. So as you can tell, it may be less about the artistic merit of the movies they choose to play, and more about the great atmosphere for friends and families to get together and enjoy a great evening together. Bring your own picnic. Or enjoy one of the great food trucks on the scene. Food trucks do a brisk business starting at 6 p.m., and beverages are sold near the Louis IX statue at the top of the hill. The film starts at 9 p.m. For more information click here.