7 Things You Could Be Doing This Weekend In St. Louis: Instead of House Cleaning (Volume 5)



One of the best parts of having Better Life Maids take over your house cleaning duties… Is never having to say no to weekend plans. The weekends were not made for cleaning. This is our fifth week of putting together this weekend guide to some of the great things that are happening this weekend in St. Louis. Consider this your starting point to great adventures all around St. Louis. So here goes in no particular order, some of the great things going on this weekend in St. Louis. Get out their and enjoy some of them, and leave the house cleaning to us.

1. The Schwag: Grateful Dead Experience Dates: August 223rd Location: Forest Park

TheSchwag-LOGONot all of us got to see The Grateful Dead’s fare thee well tour this summer, and even if you did, can you ever get enough Grateful Dead (Ok some of you can, but for those that want more, just play nice)? The Schwag have been entertaining St. Louis Dead Heads for years, and the bass player actually toured with Jerry Garcia in the JGB (Jerry Garcia Band). So their Dead roots run pretty deep. This free concert in Forest Park is part of The St. Louis Worlds Fare featuring great musical acts, exhibitions, and historical information on the region. I’ll be there. For more information click here.



2. Missouri River Runner to Hermann Dates: Daily Location: Various

River RunnerTake a ride this weekend on the Missouri River Runner. Train service daily from St. Louis to Kansas City. I suggest taking a day trip to Hermann, and exploring the wineries and historical heritage. This weekend is a particularly great weekend to with the Hermann Wine and Jazz Festival. You can make it a weekend trip and stay at one of the many bed and breakfasts dotted around town. Everything is walkable, explore the Hermann Wine Trail and take in the beautiful views and german architecture and cultural heritage. Listen to lots of great jazz I could probably fill this post with 7 things to do this weekend in Hermann, but don’t be overwhelmed. Take it easy, take a stroll, and drink some wine. Not too complicated. I love the Norton at Stone Hill Winery. Share your favorites with me. For more information about the River Runner train click here.

3. Free Family Night at Magic House Dates: August 21st Location: Magic House Kirkwood

Magic HouseThe Magic House in Kirkwood, MO is one of St. Louis’ most special places. It is a hands on and immersive experience for kids of all ages. I think most of us that grew up in St. Louis have memories of school or family trips to the Magic House, and our hair standing on end as we touched an electrified Tesla like globe of electricity. If you haven’t been in a while, this free event sponsored by Emerson will allow you to see just how much this St. Louis institution has grown over the years. This special night allows a family (no more than two adults and four of their own children) to enjoy more than 100 hands-on exhibits at The Magic House at no charge. Reservations are not required. 5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. For more information click here.

4. City Gardens Fountains Dates: While it’s still warm Location: 801 Market Street Downtown

City GardenCity Garden is an Oasis of art and lush plantings, with fun water features thrown in. The garden is 2 entire city blocks of beautiful world renowned art surrounded by the soaring architecture of a downtown setting. Let the kids run through the fountains while you take in the vibrant scene. In addition to its sculpture and magnificent plantings, the garden features remarkable hardscape, including a 550-foot long arcing limestone wall enclosing a large video wall for video art and movies; a glass-walled café; and a stunning, serpentine “meander wall” capped in polished granite. Its water features include a six-foot waterfall and a spray plaza, where 102 nozzles will shoot water as much as six feet into the air in thousands of patterns and colors. Pretty cool place. For more information click here.

5. Bailey’s Range Dates: Every Day Location: Around the bend from City Gardens

Bailey's RangeAfter you take in the sights, sounds, and overall beautiful experience of City Gardens meander you way over to Bailey’s Range. This is one of the many eateries of Restaurateur David Bailey, and he has another hit on his hands. The fare is burgers and shakes, but done the way David Bailey does everything, with craft. All of the food is made with natural ingredients, everything is made from scratch, and the burgers are 100% grass fed beef from Missouri farms. The atmosphere is fun and vibrant and the food is great. Indulge in a one of Bailey’s specialty burgers and shakes after a fun day exploring the city. If I have a business meeting downtown, I always try to make it a lunch meeting at Bailey’s Range. For more information click here.

6. Operation Clean Stream Dates: August 22nd Location: Greentree Park, Kirkwood

Clean StreamI know this blog post is designed to give you things to do instead of cleaning your house, so why would I recommend you spend your Saturday cleaning up other peoples trash? Well first of all I really love the Meremac. I love to paddle on the river any chance I get, and I love the people I meet when I volunteer. Some of my dearest friends, are people I have met while volunteering my time for causes I believe in. It’s a great way to meet like minded people and make a difference. This event literally fills a couple dumpsters worth of trash from just a couple mile stretch of the Meremac. The even also has lots of educational information for kids ages 5 to 18. Come out and make a difference this weekend, at least you won’t be cleaning your own house. For more information click here.

7. Gateway Arch Riverfront-Laclede’s Landing All Car, Motorcycle, and Truck Show Dates: August 22nd Location: Laclede’s Landing

Classic CarsWow that is a long title, but I guess it is pretty descriptive, and you know what you are going too. All cars, motorcycles, and trucks are welcome to be displayed, so you can feel comfortable displaying your family mini van next to the classic corvettes. You may not win for best interior with all the kids crumbs buried in the upholstery, but you’ll get style points with the kids for taking them to see some classic american muscle cars, bikes, and trucks. Their will be food and refreshments at the event, but you can drop in for a bit and then go off to explore other great locations in the area. While the arch ground expansion is not quite done, you will have a great opportunity to explore the progress after checking out all the great vehicles on display. For more information click here.


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