Better Life Maids Gas Saving TipsWith the roller coaster that gas prices have been, well – forever it seems – everyone looks for ways to save money at the pump. With a growing fleet of vehicles we look for big and little ways we can save at the pump. Here are 10 simple gas saving tips that might put a few more coins in your pocket and having you feeling a bit smug next time you fill up.

Keep your tires at the maximum pressure – Sounds simple enough, but how many people check their tire pressure regularly? I don’t. But I will now. It’s estimated you can improve your mileage by as much as 10%. Of course, you’ll have to deal with more road noise and a bumpier ride – but the saving might just be worth it.

Coast baby! – Think about it. The less time you have your foot on the gas or brake, the more gas you save.

Be a turtle – This goes with coasting, sort of. It doesn’t make sense to go full speed and then slam on the brakes at a stop light. You won’t get anywhere faster and you’ll only waste gas revving from one light to the next. Gently bring your car up to speed and be more turtle-like in traffic.

Turn it off! – OK, you’re stuck in rush hour traffic and you’re not moving. What do most people doe? Idle their cars. Be a frugal driver and turn off your car. You’ll save gas, reduce pollution and reduce (a tiny bit) the wear-and-tear on your car’s engine. This gas saving tip applies when you’re waiting in line, too.

Plan your route – This is a similar idea. When you have a lot of errands to run that involve multiple stops, instead of running out of the house last minute, give some thought as to the most efficient route you can take to accomplish your tasks and save gas. As UPS says, “it’s all logistics.”

There’s an app for that – There are a number of apps for use on your smartphone that will alert you to traffic delays and provide alternative routes, if you use the navigation feature. The free Google Maps app even color codes roads according to congestion.

Don’t carry the kitchen sink in the trunk – I know folks who look like they live in their cars because they carry so much stuff with them at all times. Did you know that for every 100 extra pounds you have in your car/trunk, you reduce your mileage by about 2%? Me either. Time to go clean the car.

Roll ‘em up! – When you drive with your windows down and sunroofs open, you help create drag on your car when driving at highway speeds. Reduce drag by keeping them closed.

Pump gas on non-premium days – If you wait to fill your tank up on the weekend, you are paying a surcharge that more savvy gas consumers avoid – the weekend premium. I’m sure you’ve noticed that gas prices inexplicably go up as the weekend (or a holiday) approaches. Hedge your bets. Fill up Monday through Thursday and avoid the weekend premium.

Get cash back on your gas purchases – OK, we’re not advocating using credit cards, but if you do, you might as well get some kind of bonus for your gas purchases.

Let us know if you try any of these great gas saving tips!